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      MT-Optics not only provides kinds of optical components, we but also can make various types of optical coatings. The coating on the optical element is very important, which can improve the transmission, high reflection, etc.

      The following is a list of the coating we can do:
      Anti-reflective (AR coating)
      1) Single Layer MgF2 AR coatin
      2) Single wavelength AR coating
      3) Dual wavelength AR coating
      4) Broadband wavelengths AR coating

      Partial-Reflective coating
      1) Single wavelength PR coating
      2) Broadband wavelengths PR coating

      HR-Reflective coating
      1) Metallic high reflective coating
      2) Dielectric high reflective coating

      Polarization beamsplitter coating
      1) Cube beamsplitter coating
      2) Polarization beam splitter coating
      3) None Polarizing cube beamsplitter coating

      High Extinction PBS coating
      Single wavelength: 650nm,808nm,976nm
      Tpave>96% Rs>99%
      Extinction ratio: >3000:1

      Broadband wavelength:420-680nm, 600-900nm,800-1100nm
      Tpave>95% Rs>99%
      Extinction ratio: >1000:1